Bad Driving

Northern California banker Chris S has accumulated a lifetime of stupefying behavior on the golf course. And as often as not, his brother Brett has been the victim.

On one such occasion, Chris redefined the definition of bad driving on the golf course. The incident occurred when Chris and the oft-beleaguered Brett were playing a course not far from Yosemite National Park. After three-putting the 11th hole, Chris blindly threw his putter, helicopter-style, in the direction of his bag. But much like on the putting green, Chris’ aim was off. The putter instead slammed into Brett’s bag, decapitating the driver.

Now, one might expect that Chris apologized after such an egregious faux pas.

Not according to Brett. Not this angry golfer. Not this time.

Instead, Chris headed quickly to the next tee, leaving his brother behind. Still in the throws of tantrum, he hit his tee ball on the downhill par 4, then tore off recklessly in his golf cart. As Chris screeched down the hill, he lost control, then swerved to avoid the water on his left. When he finally came to a halt, it was not of his own volition. The golf cart was stuck in the rocks that line the right bank of the lake.

Brett, still back on the tee, at least had something to laugh at as he surveyed his broken driver.

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