Angry Self-talk Caught on Camera

Anyone who has so much as grabbed a putter off the rack at a mini-golf course knows that golf is uniquely good at eliciting cries of anguish.

Such cries, of course, take on many forms. On the tamer side was a golfer I played with in my youth named Tom Jenkins. A true southerner with a lot of game, Jenkins didn’t hit too many bad shots. But when he did, he would exclaim, “Son!” in his heavy Alabama twang. I never knew what that meant. Was it short for son of a bitch? Son of a gun? I’m not sure.

Less mysterious is the calling card of Leslie Aberson, a poor golfer, who unlike Jenkins, hits plenty of anguishing shots. With each of those shots, he yelps, “aw shit.” Aberson has occasion to yell, “aw shit” maybe 65 times a round.

Offensive to the extreme was the graphically detailed, misogynistic exclamation of my friend of DH upon leaving a12-foot putt short on 18 at Miami’s Miccosukee golf course some time back. So appalling was DH’s reference that day to a woman’s monthly cycle that a retelling years later all but ended his relationship with a lady friend.

In light of the fact that so many golfers succumb to the occasional verbal outburst, it would probably be fair to cut Champions Tour golfer Mark Wiebe some slack for a most inopportune utterance that cameras caught during the AT&T Championship in late 2012. Still, as you will see in this link, Wiebe’s angry self-talk has to be among the best ever caught on camera during a professional golf tournament.

Jab-missing a 4 1/2 foot putt for a second straight bogey, it seems, was a bit more than he could tolerate. By the way, Wiebe shot 70 that day and finished T13 in the tourney. It’s not known if he used his mouth for anything other than eating that night.


Angry Self-talk Caught on Camera — 3 Comments

  1. LOL! You no- playin’ piece of s#!+! Was he telling himself to do the sucking? Confused about the subject-direct object relationship.

  2. Genteel is a word that comes to mind when thinking about golf. Yet cursing seems to be inherent in playing the game. No matter which sport, everyone wants to exclaim at both good and bad results. There is no reason to use crude words when so many other words will do. Is restraint so difficult when walking around a parklike area occasionally (some more than others) hitting a shot. We should all help make the sport pleasant for other players by cursing only when it must be done. (You will know when that is.) If your language is blue, get off the green!

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