Expert Testimony

Ever wonder what happens to the guy who just loses it while playing the silly little game of golf? Worse, ever wonder what happens to you in such moments?

Well, here’s a nugget of insight I got when I asked my friend Chris S from northern California, who has an extreme penchant for golf course tantrums, if he could share some tales with me:

“What if there are too many stories spread over too many years to remember any individual one of them,” he replied.  “And you should probably get the real story from the witnesses. When I go off the handle I experience it much the same way that Dr. David Banner experiences the appearance of The Hulk.  When it’s over all you remember is a lot of hazy, out-of-focus screaming and general carrying-on and wake-up with regret, a headache, and torn trousers.”

Not to mention a broken club or two.


Expert Testimony — 1 Comment

  1. If the witnesses have fled the links (“There’s a madman out there!”)…….I suggest examining the forensics: Divots — huge divots — and the suspect’s bag is lighter by a club or two…..yet there seems to be no club lying, within sight, on the fairway or in the rough.

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