A Golf Tantrum US Open Preview

With the start of tomorrow’s US Open, many people will wonder:

– Can Mickelson complete the career grand slam?

– Will Bubba Watson win the second leg of the season slam?

– Could a long-forlorn player, such as Lee Westwood or Sergio Garcia, finally get a major?

Here at Golf Tantrum, however, the more important question is whether Donald Ross’ crowned greens at Pinehurst¬† No.2 will elicit a meltdown on a par with the one we saw from John Daly in 1999. (see the third to last paragraph at the following link: http://golftantrum.com/long-live-john-daly/)

Could it be the firey phenom Jordan Spieth who comes through with an awe-inspiring explosion? Or the diminutive South African Charl Schwartzel? Or the explosive Swede Henrik Stenson? Maybe it will be someone unexpected. Time will tell.

In the meantime, hopefully all of the US Open competitors will have been studying the post-Belmont Stakes interview given by California Chrome owner Steve Coburn on Saturday. Mr. Coburn has much to teach about the best way to handle the agony of defeat.




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