Golf in Tunisia

Don’t mess with an English golfer. That’s the lesson one Tunisian ballhawker learned when he got greedy during a sale.

Playing several years ago at the El Kantaoui golf complex on the Mediterranean Sea, Norwegians John and Oddny Kirkholt had the opportunity to watch the scene unfold as they waited to tee off on a par 3. Ahead of them, the Englishmen thought they were purchasing golf balls on the cheap from a local man who plied the course’s edges gathering shots that had gone awry.

The gentlemen Brits, however, were in for a bit of a surprise. As they completed the transaction, their friendly salesman turned downright rude. He seized the wallet of the golfer who was paying him and started to make a getaway.

Now, no one knows for sure what had happened to these two English chaps prior to being pickpocketed. Was one or both already teetering on the edge of insanity – warn down by a sequence of very, very poor golf shops? The Kirkholts say they have know idea how the men were playing, though they hadn’t heard a whole lot of cursing up ahead. On the other hand, the Brits were purchasing golf balls mid round, which can often be a really bad sign.

In either case, they were in no mood to be robbed. So as this diminutive ballhawker started to run away, one of the Englishman grabbed him, took the wallet back, then held the man upside-down by his feet, showing the petty crook by way of example what the real meaning of a shake down is.

No word on whether either player parred the hole. But they later told the Kirkholts that the ball salesmen literally begged them for mercy.

Golf in Tunisia sounds fun indeed.








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