Grading the Majors: Tiger at Vahalla

With the spectacular proceedings at Valhalla now in our rearview mirror, it’s time for Golf Tantrum’s final 2014 installment of the Grading the Majors series. So here we go, Grading the Majors: The PGA at Valhalla.

The PGA’s feature tantrum thrower was none other than Tiger Woods. In fairness, the 14-time major champion has reason to be frustrated. His poor health despite back surgery has to be exceptionally disappointing. The grave problems in his golf swing can’t feel especially good either.

Woods’ premier meltdown at Valhalla came on the tough Par 4 second hole during day 1. Watch as Woods quick hooks a three wood into the creek left, then produces a club slam in accompaniment with an F-bomb.

Now, from a grading standpoint, I’m a bit disappointed with the club slam. Seems more like a club bang than a slam – though it’s definitely one step above the club tap.

On the flipside, Woods’ epithet, “For fuck’s sake,” is a personal favorite of your Golf Tantrum host himself.

“Robby, for fuck’s sake!”

I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve let that fly after a poor move at the ball. It’s just that none of those incidents have been on TV.

For his use of such a simple, yet expressive, call-out, Woods scores earns a B+ tantrum grade at Valhalla despite that rather listless attempt at a club slam.

Here’s to good health and lots of meltdowns for all the PGA stars when the major season resumes at Augusta next April.



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