Grading The Masters: Jordan Spieth

With the first major of the season behind us, it’s time to revisit the Golf Tantrum Grading the Majors series. So I’ll focus on the one man who truly earned a tantrum grade last week, the 20-year-old sensation, Jordan Spieth.

It’s true that Spieth was already well inside the top 20 in the world starting last week, but for many casual golf fans, his runner-up finish at Augusta was a coming-out party. From the standpoint of Golf Tantrum, he didn’t disappoint.

Not that Spieth had any meltdowns like the gentleman in this link. Still, he did bring flashes of temper throughout the tourney, including cries of anguish and dropped clubs during the follow-through. The real action came on the second 9 Sunday though, which was nice because that was when TV viewership was the highest, and because the tourney itself lacked the usual back 9 fireworks.

On the long par 4 10th, Spieth, coming off two bogies, flared an iron shot right, then harshly dispatched the club to the turf. The move prompted one Golf Channel analyst to say Jordan buried his club in the fairway. Not quite, unfortunately.

On the Par 5 13th, Spieth, coming off another bogey, reacted to an improperly struck approach (I can’t find footage of either of these incidents, unfortunately) with an aggressive and instant club pound.

Doubtless, Spieth will hear cries from some in the golf media to tamp down his behavior. I say ignore them Jordan. You’ll win and so will the viewers if you just keep being yourself.

Grade: B+

As for the rest of the field, well lets just say it would be nice if they’d bring a bit more passion to what they do. I will give a shout-out to the announcing team, though, for largely forsaking the usual politically correct admonishments as Spieth vented his frustration. It’s always nice when Nick Faldo has the microphone.


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