Long John Daly, Long Throw

Ok. I know I’m a bit behind the times here. This John Daly meltdown took place at the PGA Championship in August.

But there a few things in life – cheese, wine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ comedy – that get better with age. I like to think good golf tantrums are also on that list.

Notice, as you watch the following video, the fourth swing Daly makes. That is to say, the swing after the three shots he hit in the water. It, more than the actual water shots, reminds me of myself on a bad day. Dipping the right need in a defensive, hang-on act of over-control. Next comes the terrible shot. Then, the delayed “Should I do it? Should I do it? Hell yeah I should do it!” club throw.

Long live Long John Daly. The Champions Tour is just around the corner.





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