Third Comes the Regret

The golf temper tantrum really has three parts.

First, there’s the horrible shot. Second is the tantrum itself, be it a club throw, a yelled obscenity or something worse. Third, comes the regret.

The regret, of course, isn’t omnipresent. As told in my first ever post, some people can throw their entire bag into a creek and experience zero remorse.

But if the miscreant does feel a tinge silly for allowing a stick and ball game to get the best of his self control, it’s typically difficult for the outsider to see. In the following video, however, the moment that regret hits Key Largo fishing captain Dan Matthews is as obvious as the bad shot itself. I think you’ll agree that it’s a pleasure to watch.

Moment of Regret

Now, for a little set-up as you watch the video.  Matthews here is playing the 4th hole at the Hammock Course at Ocean Reef. It’s an odd one to be sure. The tee is actually just a really nice mat, which sits on a wooden platform suspended above the mangroves. A tee ball must carry those mangroves. But if it doesn’t, the player needs to exercise restraint, as the mangroves lie in all directions. In this video, mangroves lie immediately to the right of Matthews. By the end of the very short clip, his driver lies in those mangroves.

Oh, and yes, this is authentic. His wife Gemma just happened to be filming the shot.

By the way, if you like how Matthews responds when he realizes he’s just tossed his club into the mangroves, reward him by making your next chartered Keys fishing trip with his Miss Chief Charters (


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