What caused the club to shatter?

Here’s how an Associated Press article from last week began:

“PHILADELPHIA – Flyers captain Claude Giroux had surgery on his right index finger after getting injured on a golf course in Ottawa. Giroux sustained tendon damage when a golf club shattered and splintered into his finger Thursday. It’s unknown what caused the club to shatter.”

Unknown??? It’s at a moment such as this that I cherish the freedom of this blogging format. In my day job as a newspaper reporter, I’d have to write “unknown” too unless I had confirmation of what really occurred. But here I can write what everyone already suspects. Claude got pissed up there in Ottawa. Real pissed.

Now to be fair, I’ve seen a few golf clubs break due to manufacture’s defect. You take a swing, hit the ball, and the next thing you know the clubhead is whirling through the air. I’m not joking here. It does happen.

What doesn’t happen in such cases, however, is fiber from the shaft splintering your hand. I’m not exactly sure when that happens. But here’s a guess: At about the same time that you execute an “I don’t ever want to see that goddamn club again!” shaft snap over your knee. Only this snap must have been the equivalent of a slap shop that soars high over the glass, because as every club-snapper instinctively knows, you’ve got to get that finger away from the breaking point, or beware the consequence.

Fortunately Giroux is expected to make a full recovery in-time for the Oct. 2 start of the Flyers’ season. That should make the club happy, since they signed him last month to a new $64 million deal. I’m guessing Giroux can afford to fix not just his finger, but his club as well. 



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  1. Well I am not a real golf fan but am a hockey fan so I wondered what happened to cause the injury. Always fun to see the sports collide.

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